Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cleverly hide an important part of the worksheet so that no leakage

In practice, it often needs to be some important work sheet to hide, but many of my friends in the hidden worksheet are based on the menu "Format / Sheet / Hide" to complete, do you not know that hidden worksheet, for Little Excel's people, is basically useless, because we can also use the "Format / Sheet / Unhide" to be displayed, then how can it be truly hidden?

In fact, very simple, follow these steps:

1, select the menu "Tools / Macro / Visual Basic Editor" command, open the Microsoft Visual Basic window, on the left you can see the "project" and "Properties" panel.

2, in the "Project" panel, select the worksheet to be hidden, and in the "Properties" panel, set the "Visible" property value "2-xlSheetVeryHidden".

If set to 0-xlSheetHidden compared with the general hidden through the "Format / Sheet / Unhide" can still be canceled.

3, Select "Tools / VBAProject Properties" command, open the "VBAProject Project Properties" dialog box, select "Protection" tab, check "Lock project for viewing", and set the view properties of the project password, click "OK" button.

4, press Ctrl + S to save the file, return to Excel interface, you can see the worksheet has been hidden. At this point the menu "Format / Sheet / Unhide" is also in the gray state. Even if people know this way, no password is also not show the hidden sheets and immediately try it!

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